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Floral vintage // We So Thrifty


Floral vintage // We So Thrifty

Hi friends! Thank you for all the kind comments on our fanciful photoshoot. We had such fun wearing those beautiful dresses, and I hope I’ve convinced a few more of you to check out the dress sale this weekend. Before that time comes, I’m sneaking in one more White Elephant dress for your viewing pleasure (and a gratuitous picture of a Perrier bottle because I think it looks cool. Now you know how utterly banal my Instagram feed is). If my last post illustrated all the dreamy, fantastical ways of wearing vintage, this one is meant to bring it back to real life. A wedding, a prom, or a party is the perfect occasion for a vintage splurge, but even if you don’t have one of those events coming up, the right piece of vintage can be worn on the daily – no occasion necessary.

For me, the trick for bringing vintage into the everyday comes down to the accessories. This dress actually had a coordinating belt with it, but I opted for my trusty Ralph Lauren (via Bibles For Missions) belt. It make the dress feel more casual and wearable. I left a few of the buttons undone, and the look was finished when Yen slipped me her golden loafers and this sweet necklace from Merl.

Vintage can be worn with balloons, flowers, kittens and ice cream, but it can also be worn in the office, on the bus, at home, and at the baseball diamond. I always cringe a little when people say “vintage just isn’t my style,” because “vintage” has no inherent restrictive style – it spans decades of trends, fashions, and fads, all of which can be reclaimed and re-worn with a little help from your favourite belt.

See you at the sale!

Floral vintage // We So Thrifty

Floral vintage // We So Thrifty

Photos by Yen and her bro Henk! Except the Perrier. That piece of art is all mine.


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