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Final Stretch

Vintage blazer, knitted toque, riding boots // We So Thrifty
Vintage blazer, knitted toque, riding boots // We So Thrifty

Vintage blazer, knitted toque, riding boots // We So Thrifty

Vintage blazer, knitted toque, riding boots // We So Thrifty

Vintage blazer, knitted toque // We So Thrifty

Happy 2015 friends! We’re all but a week into January, and the weather has finally decided to go all “Canada” on us at at last – it is cold and it is terrible. The above photos are not at all indicative of what it presently looks like outside, nor what one needs to wear in order to GO outside (never forget).

Since I’ve now granted all of you your customary blogger weather update, we can talk about the more obvious things on the agenda: I’m havin’ a baby soon!  Relatively speaking, of course. As you can see, the baby is bigger. It’s also incredibly comfortable in its cozy uterine apartment, and will most likely stay a few days passed its eviction notice (January 13). SO FAR, I’m ok with that. There are still things I’d like to get done, and I’m really enjoying this time to squeeze in a few more dinners with friends and daytime errands, etc.

I think they also say this is about the time I’m supposed to enter hyperactive “nesting” mode, which I’m not sure actually exists. Oh, I organized the heck out f my kitchen yesterday, but that’s because I’m usually not home enough to truly look at my kitchen/the general disarray of our abode. It’s not so much “nesting” as it is “you have to live in this mess now so maybe you should clean it you slob?” Also, my iMac is broken, so that too has contributed to my willingness to clean.

Annnyshways, seeing as this could be the last maternity outfit you see, I think it’s actually a fitting summary of what’s got me through these past few months. Nearly everyday for the last 5 months or so, I’ve worn the same H&M stretchy tank dress (which is now a tank top), with either black leggings or stretchy black pants It’s the under armour to all my attire. I hardly wear any of the three “maternity” pieces I bought, so my advice is avoid that overpriced, boring stuff as much as you can. Instead, I’ve managed to have some good luck buying big, buying stretchy, and buying vintage or secondhand when I can. I bought this stretchy tunic from the Salvation Army a few weeks ago, and it sits alongside many similar items in my closet. It’s not “maternity” – it’s just XXL and contains a decent amount of lyrca.

If that sounds incredibly boring (it does, doesn’t it?) keep the fun stuff to items you know you’ll wear post-pregnancy, like my big-ass pop-pom toque! I got the last one from The Edit’s stash from last winter. It’s glorious and warm (but impossible to wear inside a low-ceiling vehicle). It also balances out the giant beach ball I’m smuggling. Symmetry!

That’s about all I have to offer in terms of advice, and I’m coming close to the end of my patience with using a track pad laptop that’s not mine, so that’s where I’ll end it today. If I don’t pop in before I...pop (#nailedit), thank you truly for kind comments and well-wishes on this blog and instagram over these past few months! Everyone has just been a total peach – both in real and internet-life. You guys rule!

Blazer: Salvation Army | $3.50 Tunic: Salvation Army | $5.99 Toque: The Edit | $40 Boots: Hudson’s Bay | On sale $130 Handmade leather tote: Gift from Mom that she got for FREE from one of her thrifting spots! She’s still the champ.


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