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I Want to Ride My Bicyle

Yes We Cannon - Bikelane campaign design // JVH

Back in May, my friend Kevin Makins approached me with an opportunity. Kevin, like his snow-cone slinglin’ wife, is one of those people with a million good things on the go at any given moment, and so I always agree to take a meeting. This time around, Kevin and group of several other earnest bike activists were starting a campaign for bike lanes on Cannon street, and they needed a designer. The passion behind this project was inspiring. From the beginning, it’s been a collaboration amongst individuals with a shared vision for a better Hamilton. While some people coded websites, and others printed tees, it was up to me to craft a visual identity for the campaign that would send the right message. It needed to be hopeful, optimistic, and inspiring

And so, I went to work, and ended up with something bright and cheery. That said, these folks mean business, and when they hit the pavement, they’ve got the stats and figures to back them up. So I made sure the design was strong as well as friendly. The type is geometric and bold, and all the materials are overlayed with a gritty texture.

With spoke cards, buttons, and tees ready to go, the team behind the scenes has spent the summer at art crawls, festivals, and farmer’s markets, collecting signatures and spreading the word.

Bike-lane branding // JVH

While my role in the project was wrapped up early on, it is immensely satisfying to see this brand put to work. Every time I see the Yes We Cannon banner pop up, I’m reminded that I took part in something special. The real warm-fuzzy moment occurred, though, after seeing this picture on Kevin’s facebook:

Yes We Cannon - Bikelane campaign design // JVH

This picture was taken at the Beasley Neighbourhood BBQ. My first apartment in Hamilton was in Beasley, and it’s pretty darn cool to see so many awesome kids interacting with something that began as a few pixels on my computer. This is what design is for. It is meant to be passed around, to be worn and and to be shared. It is meant to move and motivate people.

If you’d like to know more about the vision and goals of the movement, make sure you stop by the website and sign the petition. Happy biking!


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