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It started out with a thrift, how did it end up like this?

Oh hey gang!

My cryptic notice from a few days ago heralded this announcement: I rebranded (INSIDER SECRET: Rebrand is a fancy word for “new name!”).

So, what gives?

For those of you that were fans of my old site, We So Thrifty, you’ll recall that I was once a fairly consistent second-hand style blogger. In fact, my blog was devoted solely to first-hand tales of second-hand style (I still like that tagline). Over this last year, however, I’ve had less of an desire to parade around in front a camera. That’s probably due to the child-rearing, but also just a general desire to expand the topics I tackle.

Don’t get me wrong, there will still be parading! I love a good parade! There will just be other things, too. There will be posts about thrifting, but there will also be posts about design, about parenthood, about what I’m reading (OK, fine: what I’m watching). Basically, if I can do it, I might just blog about it.

Also, since the internet is no place for shame, it would be so nice if you gave this blog a follow. I surprised myself by managing to import all my old blog content, and redirect people from the old site to the new one, but I did manage to lose all the followers I’d amassed at the old site. There weren’t many, but enough to feed my ego when I had a a bad hair day. Just re-enter your email on the sidebar to get e-mail updates, OR (and?) you could like my Facebook page. So many ways to cyber-stalk!

Alright. That takes care of most of the house-keeping around here. I’m off to try to create some content for this thing. Thanks, as always, for granting me some time in front of your eyeballs!

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