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Jingle All the Way



What am I going to do when Christmas is over and I’ll have to come up with titles for my posts that aren’t just pulled from Christmas songs? Ugh. That’s future Julie’s problem! For now, all I have to contend with is making sure I don’t overdue it on the cheese tray this year, and hope we sing my favourite carols in church. It’s Christmas time, ya’ll! So let’s get festive!

Over the course of this year, I’ve thrifted things because they’re closet staples I can wear over and over. This is not one of those things. This is one of those things I know I’ll only wear once or twice, but the sheer joy it brings me over those few days is will worth the $12.99 price tag. This wool Eddie Bauer plaid jumper from Talize is just about the most Christmassy thing I can imagine wearing, and hereby signifies my shift into FULL CHRISTMAS MODE. I’m only seeing things in the following colours: red, green, or SPARKLES. So without saying too much more, I encourage all of you to bust out your holiday duds and suds, and start Binging the night away. We’ve only got a few more days left, so go! Jingle all the way!



But one tip from me to you before you hop on a sleigh ride of any kind: do wear a coat. Otherwise you go for “cute and windblown”, but end up with something else entirely. Baby, it’s cold outside.


May that expression float in your heads alongside visions of SO MANY sugarplums. Merry Christmas readers! May your days be merry and bright!


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