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Structured vintage // We So Thrifty

Structured vintage // We So Thrifty

Structured vintage // We So Thrifty

Does this dress need a post? No, it doesn’t. It speaks for itself. But if I were to say a few things about it, I’d mention that it’s fully-lined, impeccably-made, and it fits me like a glove. In fact, most of the gloves I own don’t fit me that well, so when I find gloves that fit, I’m going to say “these fit me like that dress!” I really could leave it at that, and be on my merry way, but we all know I can’t leave a post without at least cresting the 400 word mark.

If I were to say a little more about this dress, I’d point out that I’m its very first owner. This dress has been around since the early 50s, and I’m the first lady to call it my own. How do I know that? It came complete with a lovely little hot pink tag, that revealed it to be an Alix of Miami original, and was priced at $22.95 back in the day. Considering what a loaf of bread cost back then, that was a pretty penny. Upon further Googling, I discovered that Alix of Miami made all sorts of gorgeous cocktail and dinner dresses with a “tropical edge”.


I love finding original tags and labels on vintage, and I love it even more when the internet hasn’t forgotten about these labels. It gives the whole look some context, and makes me feel connected to the women that originally worn these sorts of garments. 60 years ago, a woman with slightly smaller hips may have worn the very same dress in another size. Maybe she wore it to fabulous pool-side party, and sipped cocktails as she complained about what the salt water did to her hair. A few weeks ago, I wore my Alix of Miami dress as I sipped G & Ts at a wedding overlooking the Ottawa river. She likely had a decent tan, I’ve settled for a blotchy sunburn. Her concerns were probably widely different from mine, and her daily life a far cry from the routines and rhythms of my own, but when I’m wearing this dress, I feel just a little closer to her. For all our differences, we both appreciate a well made dress.

Structured vintage // We So Thrifty

Bow earrings // We So Thrifty

Dress: White Elephant Earrings: Bibles for Missions | $2.00 Purse: Bibles for Missions | $5.00 Flats: Salvation Army | $5.00


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