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Lately, I’ve been feeling a little ho-hum about my kitchen. It’s really the plainest space in my house – white counters, white cupboards, plain tile and old appliances. Matt and I know that someday we’ll give it a grand ol’ makeover, but we hadn’t given much thought to what that might look like. Not too long ago, I headed over to Pinterest to gather up some kitchen decor ideas.

For the rock-dwellers among us,  Pinterest is an online bookmarking system that houses, well, everything – clothing, recipes, home decor, memes – you name it, they’ve got it. It’s wonderful for wasting time under the guise of “finding inspiration”. More often than not, though, I head onto Pinterest looking for something particular, and before I know it, an hour has passed and I haven’t found anything that I originally set out looking for. Rather, I’ve made 113 new pins, and am suddenly certain I need some leg warmers, I should make something out of old mason jars, Joseph Gordon Levitt sure is handsome, blue is the new yellow, orange is the new blue, I should wallpaper my face, make an infographic about it, and then watch tutorials on how to make my hair look awesome with using only a fork and a single bobby pin. You get the idea – Pinterest is an amazing way of connecting with other creative women, but it can all get just a little overwhelming if left unbridled.

So, I put my little kitchen makeover in the back of my mind and stepped away from the Pin board.

I hadn’t really though much more about it until I thrifted the sunny H&M tunic you see here. I was instantly drawn to the retro print, and more so, the palette. Within this tunic, I saw the safe, neutral tones that would get my husband on board, and the warm, saturated hues I think a cozy kitchen needs.

I wore it with my thrifted Zara jacket and my leather ballet flats – I was a big fan of all the taupes and grays at work in this outfit. It was the perfect platform to return to Pinterest with a vision.

First, I started looking for patterns and palettes, using my new tunic as a reference.

From there, I broadened my search and began looking for rooms that worked in this colour family. I instantly found it much easier to navigate the murky waters of Pinterest with more defined search parameters.

I’ve since gathered up all these pieces and placed them on one board. They are now all hanging out together in a simple, organized, curated collection. So, if/when we decide to turn our attentions to the kitchen, we’ll at least have a place to start arguing, and that’s something!

As an aside, you’ll notice in the above pic I’m perplexed by the abundance of zippers, buttons, and pockets on my jacket. Who needs six tiny pockets on one jacket? A candy smuggler? A penny collector? A chauffeur to The Borrowers? So many questions! But perhaps these are queries better left for another day. I’ve solved one mystery today, I’m not sure I can handle another. Until then, happy pinning!


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