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Scarf Blanket

Plaid blanket scarf // We So Thrifty

Plaid blanket scarf // We So Thrifty

Plaid blanket scarf // We So Thrifty

Plaid blanket scarf // We So Thrifty

Plaid blanket scarf // We So Thrifty

Plaid blanket scarf // We So Thrifty

What’s this? A post not six days after another post? What kind of regularly-scheduled programming am I running here?! It’s almost like a real live blog!

This miracle of miracles is a result of an extra-long weekend. A little more time, a little more effort put into my appearance, a little more willingness to document that effort. That said, I would have been wise to sit on this one for at least another month, because as my brother-in-law accurately observed, I look like Christmas. But I don’t want to talk about Christmas until I’ve consumed all of the sale-price Halloween candy AND tweeted something judgey at America about Black Friday while I secretly troll Amazon for deals.

So, we will keep things seasonal. Let’s talk about scarves. They’re appropriately autumnal, right? Anybody with an active Pinterest account will tell you that people are all crazy for the blanket scarf trend again this year. The trend kicked of last year when everybody lost their minds for the Zara tartan scarf. I can be real enough with all of you to admit I kind of wanted it, too. It was the Tickle-Me-Elmo of the scarf world! (Is that a dated reference? How about “It was the Furby of the scarf world!” No? The Tamagotchi? Still no good? Ugh. Maybe I’ll be more up to date on toy trends when I have a baby.)

Well, I didn’t buy it. Not because of any personal will power or anything – we don’t have a Zara in Hamilton. However, when fashion bloggers all get together at their special secret conference this year and declare a new favourite scarf, I won’t be tempted by that one at all, and that’s because I got myself a REAL blanket scarf. In fact, I might even say it’s the realest. (Sidebar: spell-check is not adding a red squiggly line under “realest.” Is the “realest” a real word? Is Iggy Azalea to thank/blame for this? Am I an idiot for not knowing this?). This scarf is the realest because I’m pretty sure it’s an actual blanket, and not a scarf at all. Jentine was honest with me about it when I bought it off the mannequin at her shop: the tag actually read “Blanket or scarf?…You decide!”

Well, I’ve decided: It’s a blanket. But that won’t stop me from wearing it as a scarf, or using it as a blanket, or using it as a Christmas tree skirt–AH! Christmas! There we go again. Get behind me, Santa!

Sweater: Bibles for Missions | $2.50 (worn previously here) Blanket Scarf/Scarf Blanket: The Edit | $26 Boots: The Edit | $30 Jeans: Motherhood Maternity | $50 (cheaper than what I usually have to pay for a 36′ inseam!) Purse: Talize | $10 Cat ring: Kimberly’s Deja Vu Boutique | $8


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