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You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

NYE style

Remember when you watched TV on a TV instead of the Internet, and actually used the TV guide? And you’d check the description for your favourite show, and it would have a tiny little “N”(for new) instead of instead of “R” (for repeat), and you’d be all like “YUS A NEW EPISODE!”. And then, you’d tune in all excited, and it would actually be a CLIP SHOW? And you’d be like “UGH THAT HARDLY COUNTS. THE ONLY NEW PART IS THE BEGINNING” (note this was me as a preteen, so I am using all caps to denote preteen-ness). Well, all in a huff, you’d reluctantly tune in because you are 14 and didn’t have anything better to do, and then you’d find yourself actually delighted to relive some of your favourite moments, because there was no YouTube or Tumblr, and you actually hadn’t see a lot of these episodes in a long, long while.

Well guys, this post might have a tiny “N” beside it, but it’s really more of a clip show. I couldn’t bit adieu to 2012 without remembering some of my favourite posts, so I went through the archives, and picked out my favourite posts from each month. Just click on any of the images for the full post. If I had to pick a favourite post overall, that might go to August, but that’s sort of cheating since that entry was a bit of a clip show already. 2012 was a year of florals, denim, belts, and pleats. And while that could be said of every other style blogger on that planet, I really enjoyed the opportunity to put my spin on all of it.

And, since I still have a soft spot for that huffy fourteen year old who just wants a new episode of Friends, there IS something you haven’t seen before at the bottom.


That final look is the last thing I wore in 2012, for some NYE celebrations with friends. It’s fun, frilly, and (of course) thrifted for $10. That makes it the perfect way to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to a brave new year. Happy 2013, dear readers!

NYE style_2

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