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About Julie

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Greetings! Hi! Hello!  I'm Julie. I'm a graphic designer living in the pretty-good city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This is the part where I should list my many impressive accolades, but there simply isn't time for all of them, so I'll just say I once won a steak dinner with the stars of Storage Wars, and my son says I have the biggest butt in the family. Impressive! I love to thrift shop, like to write, and after a several-year hiatus, I'm hoping to add one* more descriptor back into the bios I have scattered across the internet: blogger. So, in the words of the indisputable queen of Canadian pop-country: let's go girls.



 *The only other descriptor I'm currently seeking is "podcast friend." You know when a podcast host references a "friend of the podcast ____ ______?" I want that to be me. I want to be a friend of the pod! Any pod!)

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