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Alright guys. I had a hard time writing this post. Or, rather, I had a hard time not writing this post. There is much to like about my latest head to toe thrift-ensemble. I like that I got this Liz Claiborne 100% silk emerald blouse for $4. I like that I got a chance to wear my silver pleated skirt again. I even like that cheap little $0.99 belt that pulls it all together. I like the colourful wall where Yen and I took these photos. I like the crispy chocolate cookies we had later. But can I write a whole post on crispy chocolate cookies? Well, I probably could, seeing as I wrote a whole post on icecream once, but the world isn’t ready for Cookie: The Sequel.

Truth be told, all I really want to write about is Veronica Mars. Since the Kickstarter/movie news blew up on Twitter last week, I decided it was finally time to hop on that bandwagon, and ride it all the way to the fictional town of Neptune. I’m now ten episodes into season one, and all I want to talk about how GREAT it is: How bad-ass Veronica is. How clever and sharp and sassy she is. How awesome her dad is. How “2004” a Paris Hilton cameo is. How annoying Logan is and how lovable and tortured he’ll someday be. But tying that in to my new green blouse? A bit of a stretch.

I mean, if I were to try to and write some parallels between me and Veronica, I might point out that we’re both blonde, that we both like big cameras, and that we both hang around graffiti-filled walls talking pictures. Sure, she’s talking them for sleuthing purposes, and I’m talking them for a blog, but same diff, really. We also both dressed the same in high school and were big into the Postal Service, but…

…Yep. It’s definitely bit of a stretch. Instead, I’m going to keep this nice and tidy and save my Veronica Mars essay for another day, and maybe another blog. I wore this shirt on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s green like a leprechaun. I like dressing for holidays. Case closed.

I’ll see you creeps after episodes 10-22!



Blouse: Salvation Army | $3.99 Skirt: Talize | $9.99 Necklace: Salvation Army | $3.99 Belt: Bibles For Missions | $0.99


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