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Confessions in the Chain Store

When I started writing WST back in October, I certainly didn’t think this blog would turn into my own personal (and public) confessional, but wouldn’t you know it – it has. For some reason, I find it very easy to own up to my many sins by confessing them to hundreds of strangers (that means I have something else in common with Usher, in addition to our killer dance moves, of course). So far on WST, I’ve confessed to both cheating on my memory work and cheating in a colouring contest. But both of those crimes were easy to share, as they were committed by a younger Julie. This time, I’m taking it one step further, and confessing a very recent transgression. It starts with this outfit:

You’ll see I added a palette to this post. That’s because I originally intended to spit out some nonsense about how I pulled all colours for this outfit from that thrifted necklace I’m wearing, and blah-blah-blah I’m making it work with my new thrifted skirt, and blah-blah-blah lime green is a hard colour. Honestly, I intended to distract you with circles and bright colours so you wouldn’t notice I said nothing about that blue tee I’m wearing.

“Why’s that?” you say. “Why, Julie, wouldn’t you say anything about that blue tee? Surely it’s just another basic find from the t-shirt rack at The Salvation Army? Right? RIGHT?”

Wrong. This tee came from – *dramatic pause* –  Zellers, which is Canada’s version of WalMart, and recently bought out by Target. It’s not thrifted. It’s brand-spankin’ new. And therefore, it broke all the rules I set out here. I’m so ashamed!

For those of you new to the blog, I swore off shopping at malls and big chain stores for a whole year. I skipped right past the half-year mark a few months ago, and on all accounts, the transition has been easy. I don’t miss the mall at all. I’m more satisfied with my closet than I’ve ever been, and I’m saving more moola too. So what gives? Why did I let some boring ol’ blue t-shirt tarnish my perfect record?

No good reason, really. Zellers is on its way to being shuttered for good, and it’s a depressing barrage of clearance signs and flickering neon lights. I had some time to kill before a meeting nearby, so I lingered amongst the poorly organized “everything must go” merchandise. I found nothing, but before I could turn and go, I remembered that I still needed something to wear for a Blue Jays game the next day. So, I shut off my internal monologue, grabbed this four dollar tee, and checked out. And the guilt has plagued me ever since. I’ve even taken to wearing this tee every other day in vain attempts to justify my moment of weakness.

Instagrammed proof of my transgression. You could follow these moments as they happen, you know. Username: julievanhuizen)

The tee, at least, served its function. I wore it (with a thrifted red bandana – does that help?) as the Toronto Blue Jays handily defeated the Tigers (fun fact: baseball is awesome. You just get to drink beer and eat hot dogs and everyone cheers and it’s so exciting!). But back to the confession: Friends: I cheated. I’m sorry about it. I know I may have let you down, but I do think we can work past this, and begin to trust each other again. I’ve come clean, and I’m ready to move on. There are thrift store to pillage and treasure to unearth. So, let’s get to it.

Phew! A weight has been lifted. That feels good! Now it’s time to open up the floor: anything you want to confess, dear readers? Any mild mistakes gnawing away at your guilty conscience? Tell Aunty Julie all about it. I promise I won’t judge, but I might turn your stories into a platinum R&B record. Just bein’ honest.


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