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Out of My Suitcase

Ola, my friends! I have returned from the coast of Cuba at last. What a wonderful, relaxing week. When I tell people about it, it’s a very short story: I sat by a pool and read. Then I ate. Then I slept. Then I repeated that for 6 more days. While my days were full of sloth, I did manage to rally for dinner on most nights. I loved getting out of the sun in the late afternoon, washing up, and taking my time getting dressed for the rest of the evening. Here’s a look at some of the items in action from my last post. (Note: I left the big camera at home, but my iphone stepped up as an understudy)

The first night, I celebrated my transition to vacation mode with my much-discussed Betsey Johnson dress. It felt so good to finally wear this baby! There’s such an ease with vacation style – I didn’t blowdry or flatiron my hair, or fuss around with heavy makeup. The only accessory this dress needed was mojito. Or four.

I also wore many-a-maxi during my time in Cuba. I love of the loosened rules of vacation style – it I were wearing the outfit below back home, I’d fuss over the straps of the dress showing under the tank-top, but here it works just fine.

The vintage scarves I told you about also added some flare (oh man, flare – that’s one lame word) to my basic black swimsuit. I paired another with my sailor shorts for a more casual evening outfit.

I found myself adopting a simpler approach to dressing all week. Up until recently, I found it difficult to decide what to wear with my snakeskin sandals. But with a limited closet, it made perfect sense to wear one animal print with another:

The same goes for the vintage crochet top my mom found found. I wasn’t sure how I’d wear this one – jean shorts? Bathing suit coverup? But when the time came to put it on, I decided the best compliment to crochet was…more crochet. Rocket science! And wouldn’t you know it, this became my favourite ensemble of the trip:

Last, but surely not least, one more loving shout-out to my faithful jean jacket. It was the perfect way to tone down this coral, embellished maxi dress:

So there you go! Seven different outfits from several different pieces, none of which cost more than seven dollars each to start. Now all I need it for that heat wave to return, a few more mojitos, and I’ll be wearing all of these again soon.


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