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Puffy Shirt

Leather and lace // We So Thrifty

Leather and lace // We So Thrifty

Alright guys. Upon viewing my outfit, you know there is only one place this post is going. It was headed there even before the exchange I had with my husband about this particular combination. That exchange went like this:

“You look like a…(VERY LONG PAUSE)…beautiful woman.” “Matt, you can say it.” “…Say what?” “You can say I look like a pirate. I want to look like a pirate. I’m going for pirate.” “Oh GOOD. You look like a pirate! A beautiful pirate.”

I originally thought I’d frame this post around spring cleaning, and how it can lead to finding things you forgot you had. After all, I thrifted this puffy shirt nearly 36 weeks ago (according to my instagram records) and it took a closet-wide clean for me to discover it anew. But c’mon, there isn’t much to say about cleaning other than you should do it more often than I do. Instead, I’m going to seize the chance to post this clip, and call it a day.

That episode aired 20 years ago. TWENTY YEARS! The pirate trend Kramer referenced has finally come around. No one ever did the old “character wearing something embarrassing” bit quite like Jerry & Co., but there have been a few similar scenarios in the last two decades of multi-camera sitcomdom. Like the puffy shirt, though, both of those examples revolve around items that, while supposed to be embarrassing, I’d happily wear. Chandler’s Mr. T bracelet has never been more in style (…don’t make me say “arm party”), and Barney’s Ducky Tie is actually pretty hot right now.

It turns around sitcoms aren’t just comforting filler TV to watch while waiting for the next episode of New Girl, they are mighty fine fashion forecasters as well. Who knew?

Leather and lace // We So Thrifty

Leather jacket: Salvation Army | $7.99 Lace blouse (puffy shirt): Valu Village | $4.99



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