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The Wedding Guest

You know how many bad rom-coms have a title like this post? And how many of them are on the W Network all summer long? A billion. That’s how many. While my life hasn’t had a lot of Dermot Mulroney in it lately, I did just recover from a weekend chocked full of wedding-y stuff. Thus, I lack the motivation and enzymes for a proper post. Instead, I’m sifting through my summer 2011 photo archives, and sharing a few thrifted wedding guest outfits. And, as a bonus, Matt’s gonna show up a few times in these photos. Believe it our not, I used to only take pictures at weddings, with Matt, around real people, as opposed to the gratuitous solo outfit photos I now take in back alley ways, with only my confused neighbors as witnesses. Oh, the good ol’ days.

First up, I wore this Nicole Miller dress to the wedding of our friends Tim and Esther last summer:

This little metallic number was instrumental in my conversion to the thrifting life. I bought it three years ago at Talize for $7, or something. It fits perfectly, it’s a brand I love, and it’s unique. It’s even got little fake rocky jewels sewn along the bottom hem. It’s everything I love about thrifting, and I’m sure I’ll wear it again.

For this next wedding look, I knew that I didn’t need to fuss with anything too stuffy, but that I should stick to something easy and true to myself. When my friend Michelle married her man Jared, it was one of the most creative, comfortable, and colourful weddings I’d ever attended, and the perfect chance to rock one of my favourite thrifts: this Ralph Lauren skirt (previously worn here). We were trucking it all over Toronto that day, and I felt free as can be.

One of the more amazing things about Michelle and Jared’s day was their use of reusable and second-hand materials, so a thrifted outfit only made sense. You can check out all the clever ways they second-hand-styled their big day on Michelle’s blog.

This next look is a thrifter “splurge”. Translation? It’s consigned. I spent $35 on this  chiffon Nine West dress for my sister-in-law’s wedding last summer. It was $35 well spent. I loved the colours, the light, airy shape and the bold patterns. And they gave me big sideways hair that day, which is always a bonus.

And, finally, we return to summer 2012. I wore the Kitsch dress below just a few days ago, to the nuptials of our friends Rob and Carly. It was hot that day,  so I needed something light and fresh (although I ruined any chance at comfort by opting for torturous spanks underneath, and very nearly pulled a Jess Day in the washroom).

I thrifted this dress somewhere around Christmas, and hadn’t yet worn it anywhere. It was a touch too frilly for my day-to-day, so I was pleased to finally have a reason to wear it. Ditto for my leather ballet flats.

So there you have it: a nice little album of some thrifting wedding fashion. I’ll now return my attentions to  My Best Friend’s Wedding, as I need to reserve the rest of my energy for curiously pondering Julia Robert’s choice to wear sunglasses on her face, and on her head, simultaneously. I’m not knocking it – chick is working it like a boss.


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