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Your Hotmail is Welcome Here

Friends! Welcome, one and all, to the newly re-launched Julie Van Can blog. If you're reading this, chances are you already know me from my Instagram, or you're related to me, or you've been stalking me for years and have been refreshing this URL daily, waiting for this blog to re-activate (in which case - yikes! I'm flattered AND afraid!) I'll keep this short and snappy for both my casual mutuals and devoted stalkers: I'm back here, blogging, because I'm burned out from Instagram Stories. I'm tired of Tik Tok. I'm longing for the good ol' days of content consumption via Google Reader and bare-bones RSS feeds. To put it plainly: I'm old.

While I used to mock my older sister for still having an Hotmail email address in a world of Gmail dominance, I now fully empathize with her strong desire to have one cozy, comfortable, familiar retreat on the internet. That loathed co-worker that refused to use Google Docs and instead wants to keep using Corel Word Perfect? Oh how I understand you now, Janet! I am the great-grandpa that remembers when milk was delivered; the aunt who still sends virus-ridden email birthday cards; the old man yelling at the iCloud.

And so if you, like me, get sore eyes from looking at blonde moms do bad dancing reels, come, sit — there are no dancers here. Only words, with pictures, and maybe a funny gif.

Rest easy, traveller. Your Hotmail is welcome here.

(One minor bit of housekeeping: I was able to import all my old entries from blogs of yore, but I'm starting fresh when it comes to email subscribers! So if you'd like to be notified every time I write a new entry, please subscribe via the small form at the top of the page :)

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Julie Van Can
Julie Van Can
20 de out. de 2021

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