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Courage, Crop Tops and Karaoke

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Have you guys ever done karaoke? That’s a dumb question. Of course you have. It’s, like, the best. Although, my own experiences behind the microphone up until last weekend weren’t particularly memorable. In college, we’d occasionally frequent a pool hall with a group so large, I’d *maybe* join the stage for the chorus of Summer Lovin’. More often, no one would join the stage because the karaoke master would monopolize the microphone, singing songs to keep her country starlet dreams alive.

I’m happy to say, though, that’s all changed. Last weekend, my lovely sister Adele turned 30. So, we celebrated. We went to Toronto for dinner, and a karaoke bar for dessert (figurative dessert: we ate the gift of music?). Memories (and incriminating videos) were made that night, my friends. It was the right group, the right atmosphere, and the right mix of gin and tonic. That said, before I went on stage for my first number, I had to muster up a bit of bravado. I had to realize how bad I’d sound, accept how stupid I might look, and be totally OK with all of it it. The fact that my sisters were alongside with me made that part easy.

It was also easy because I had already mustered up my fair share of courage before I even left the house that day. I know, I know, crop tops aren’t the “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” piece they were two years ago. But it still look me a while to adjust to that teeny strip of tummy. Obviously, that’s a bit silly, because this outfit is comparatively modest to everything else spotted in T.O. that night, but I still had to give myself a pep talk. Vintage crop-top combos aren’t anybody’s usual wear, but a few examples on Pinterest (like here, here, and here) gave me the push I need. So, I committed.

I don’t have any regrets on either front. This outfit is a strong contender for my favourite of the summer, and between the 13 of us at the karaoke bar, we made some inspired selections. My sisters and I relived all the joy of the late 90s with Third Eye Blind, my bro-in-law proved he knows all the words to Ice Ice Baby, my friends did an *actually good* rendition of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, and the birthday girl was sufficiently embarrassed by being forced to sing Jump Around, a song that is not even remotely suited for karaoke. Heck, even my husband sang. Courage was courageous (…and on tap).

I don’t think it will ever be possible re-create the magic mix that happened in Toronto that night, but at least it’s wholly achievable to wear this look again. Hey, I can always sing in the shower.

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Crop-top combo (what do I call this? A suit? Separates? Please advise): Salvation Army | $15 (Thanks to Yen for cropping ma top!) Necklace: Salvation Army | $3 Purse: Talize I think? | $7 Shoes: Spring Shoes


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