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Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

This dress is a gift from Jentine. Followers of hers will have heard the big news by now: Yen is starting a store. This is hugely exciting news all around – Yen is excited because she’s chasin’ dreams, Hamilton is excited because she’s got one of the best eyes for good vintage in town. The thing that sets Yen apart from many’a a shop owner and blogger, though, is not just her own fabulous personal style, but her knack for figuring out the style of others.

Take this dress an example: Have I ever stated my style manifesto to Yen? No. Have I ever given her a measurement or even a ball park size window? Nadda. But is this the third dress she’s hand picked for me that fits my closet and my body? Yep. She’s a magician, and we’re all going to be better dressed in Hamilton because of it.

When Yen sends me those glorious texts (“I found you a dress”) I never question a) that I’ll like it and b) that it will fit.  It always does. So I was grateful to have the opportunity to try to reverse the relationship this month, and attempt to  do something for her that she a) likes and b) fits.  No, no, I didn’t try to find her a dress. That would be like finding sunglasses for Anna Wintour or giving cookies to Santa. Wait a minute… ANYWAYS, what I’m saying is, over the passed few weeks, I’ve been designing the brand (logo, web, tags, cards) for Yen’s store, and I’m happy to say she’s been the easiest client in the history of clients. Basically, it’s gone like this:

Julie: Here’s your logo! Yen:

Julie: Here’s what your blog should look like. Yen:


Did I do an in-depth discovery session with Yen? No. Did she fill out a standard creative brief questionnaire? Nuh-uh. But did I land on something that reflects her vision? Yep! And, as the icing on the cake, I love it too. Fashion is her trade, design is mine, and when we trade them, heart-eyed cat emojis happen.

The details of Yen’s store will be spilling all over the internet in the new few weeks. We’re not at the reveal stage quite yet, but if you stare at the wall in these photos long enough, it’ll put you in a nice trance to pass the time. Meanwhile, I’ll be submitting a small addendum to Jessica’s Hische‘s otherwise flawless Should I Work For Free? Chart: Will you get free dresses that you’ll love forever and ever? Then by all means, get to work.

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Dress: Yen Necklace: Salvation Army | $4 Dickie: Salvation Army | $2


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