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We so…shifty?

I’d like to pay tribute to a little friend of mine. You see, my closest is a mismash of styles. Some days I want to dress like a 1980’s lady lawyer, and some days (usually when I don’t shower) I want to look like a dirty hippy. It all depends on the mood. But every so often, a trend will emerge from my crazy closest. I’ll like a style or a cut so much, I’ll buy it 5 times. And recently, that cut is the classic shift dress.


A shift dress is a basic, above-the-knee dress, cut straight down from the shoulders. It’s almost always high-necked, with fitted darts at the bust, and grazes right past tummy. It’s straight, simple, and can be worn any which way.

The shift gained popularity in the 1960s. According to the Google machine, it’s called a shift dress because a) women could dance and move easily in it or b) It’s synomymous with the culture shift of the 1960s, embodying the free, revolutionary spirit of the times. Either answer is awesome, if you ask me.

The shift dress shape is a blank slate – it can take on a unique look all depending on the pattern, the fabric, and even the way you style it. It’s a little bit Jackie O, and a little bit Zooey D. It’s formal and funky, androgynous and flirty. And right now, it’s one of my favourite shapes.

I was tickled to come across this geometric shift at Salvation Army over the weekend ($4.99). The pattern is mod, the colours and fun, and the shape makes me feel free and confident. The origins of this dress remain mysterious – I have a sneaking suspicion it may very well be hand-made. There isn’t a label to be found, and there are little unfinished touches on the inside. But the construction is phenomenal – right down to the peculiar purple piping on the collar and sleeves.

When I have this on, all I want to do is pile on the pastel pink lipstick, kiss a Ringo poster, and make like Twiggy. Actually, that’s a lie – I did that in my jammies yesterday.

(PS: 10 points to the first person to catch the obscure 80s cartoon reference in this post.)

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